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Our project in Armenia

The Nineveh Society is a non-profit, independent organization that does not belong to any political party, aiming to improve the conditions of our people in their countries of origin, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon. The Foundation, through philanthropists, tries to support all those in need through material assistance. In light of what our dear people live in situations of armed conflicts that have become more widespread and because of these conflicts, many of them have become in urgent need of the necessary needs necessary to sustain life from food, medical and other supplies.

We decided to intervene and offer to provide aid, which is necessary to be provided for the delivery of aid. This importance comes in the matter of humanitarian assistance as one of the main means to help many people and families. Armenia is among our projects that we sought

We will show you our project in Armenia Our association carried out a charitable project in the year 2018 in our town Armenia The brother owner of the association and the sister and artist Nagham Adaw Musa and where we visited the village leader and the church priest and we had a field inspection visit to see their conditions and their living conditions and relieve them where we met many of our people Discussing and listening to their suffering, tragedy and the obstacles they are going through. We do not have many requirements that need to be addressed and to stand with them in their rise.

This is through our visit and informing us of their situation and their living and living conditions in the two villages, Arzni and Dujun, in order to strive for the provision of what is required to work and find appropriate solutions in order to help them.

. According to our knowledge that the situation of our people in Armenia is poor and we found it necessary to stand by them and their need to provide assistance and we started working for them and we did some assistance, including repairing some of the houses that needed repair to complete their daily lives, and helping those with special needs by providing special vehicles for them, and buying a basket Food to help needy families,

And helping the needy families financially to continue their normal lives, and to this day our project is ongoing and we are ready to do the duty. Fruitful and your work makes us happy, satisfied and proud .... Representative of the Nineveh Charitable Society