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Distribution of gifts - Baghdad

And this is the most beautiful love in the world At a time like this every year, the Nineveh Charitable Association distributes gifts to our children in the homeland.

The Nineveh Charitable Association, with the help of sister Amal, the delegate of the Nineveh Society in Baghdad, will buy gifts and distribute them to our steadfast children, who are about 50 children, in order to enter the joy in their hearts By happily entering the new world, wishing them a happy New Year full of good, peace and stability

If you wish to purchase a gift for a child in Baghdad, you can send to sister Amal in Baghdad via Wester June And whoever wants from inside Sweden, you can by means of SOIC
Name: Nineveh Welfare Society Your gift to Swish 1233897733 Bankgiro 5168-6301 Org 802505-4746