Nineveh Welfare Association

Primary Law

Primary Law

This Association is a Charitable nonprofit association established in the kingdom of Sweden

It performs its charitable work independently and does not belong to any particular party, whether political or economic and its humanitarian work and charitable work is shared by the Assyrian people [Assyrian, Chaldeanian, Syriac] who are living in their homelands and those in neighboring countries in order to improve their living conditions.


Is to make moral and material efforts for human development of the Assyrian people in their home countries by providing them with credentials, the means to raise their standard of living and improve their living conditions which enables them to stick to the homeland while supporting the youth among our nation. Especially students and help them improve their scientific and literary life in order to achieve a better future by asking for the support of businessmen and wealthy people of our nation. The Association works through social networking sites in order to publicize the rights of our nation to the world public opinion


Membership in the association is generally open to all people who find themselves in the spirit of volunteerism and voluntary provided that the member pays the annual subscription fee which does not exceed 200 – 250 Swedish krona which is equivalent to 20 – 25 US dollars. Their membership will be valid to the end of Dec 31st of the same year. The member who paid his/her annual subscription is entitled to vote at the meeting of the general assembly or nominate himself to the board of directors.


To join the association the applicant must meet the conditions below:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a holder of any educational qualification eligible for membership
  • Must be a fair person recognized by third parties and has received a recommendation by board member
  • Must submit a written application for enrollment or by e-mail also be accompanied by CV, address, cell phone number and the means of communication with him/her
  • In his application he/she confirms his/her readiness to do voluntary work without charge
  • Moral obligation to members of the association since his /her work and even resignation or dismissal for some reason


The member assigned to work, duty, or activity shall submit a detailed administrative and financial report to the meeting called by the chairman or any member in charge after carrying out the task entrusted to him/her. The elected board of directors shall be entitled to alert, censure, or dismiss any member who has committed an offence or caused financial, administrative corruption or has taken any other approach to the provisions of this law. Board members are elected every two years at the annual meeting. The council shall consist of at least five members and alternates or reservists. The board shall elect the President, the vice president or an accountant and treasurer. The board shall appoint an auditor who will be responsible for scheduling all imports and payments of the association and submitting them to the board before December 31st of each year. The society does not accept financial or material aid or donation, the purpose of which is to justify money as an organized crime. The council shall have the right to form committees for the purpose of facilitating the work of the assembly. The council is entitled to elect representatives of the association in the field of work. The council shall elect at its first meeting, after the election of its members authorized to sign the association as a juridical person. A member was chosen from among its member to formally mandated to speak on behalf of the assembly. Decisions of the council shall be taken by majority in accordance with the presence of at least two thirds of the members of the council. The president of the council shall have the right to nominate an absence of a member of the council for the purpose of supplementing the legal status of the member of the absent member of the right to nominate a member of his place in accordance with the affidavit provided the approval of the president. The president of the council shall appoint a member from among its members to document the minutes of the meeting in the presence of members face to face or the means of social communication in the dedicated record and save it in the computer. The council shall be fully responsible for all activities and work of the assembly before the assembly during its election period which shall be two full years. The new elected council shall have the right to inquire from the council that preceded it for any incomprehensible or ambiguous matter or any pending decision. Members of the general assembly shall receive all information concerning the activities of the assembly through the publication of the annual calendar before December 31st of